Things you need to know

Here are a few things you need to know before we install your new floors or countertops

Because Wylie Carpet & Tile is very concerned with customer satisfaction, please read the following carefully.
Things you should do before we arrive:

  1. Remove all bedding as we will need to disassemble beds.
  2. Remove all items from bottom of closets, also remove long hanging clothes (short hanging items may be left in place).
  3. Please move any expensive antiques or breakable items such as lamps, pictures, china and breakable items hanging on the walls.
  4. Please disconnect and move audio and video equipment as these items are very technical.
  5. You may leave draperies hanging, however, if you do, please be aware that we will have to fold and hang them out of the way. They may be wrinkled and dusty.

You should be aware that very dusty conditions are created when removing and installing floor covering. Vinyl, tile and wood removal and preparation is especially dusty and messy. We do haul the debris away, however, we do not provide a cleanup service beyond hauling the debris.

All installation times are estimated. We make every effort to be accurate, however, we cannot guarantee beginning or completion times.

We pride ourselves with our mechanics, however, you should be aware that there is no such thing as an invisible seam. Although some materials and some patterns hide seams better than others, you should be prepared to see seams in both carpet and vinyl.

For technical reasons, your floor may sometimes need to be installed in a different direction or manner than what was discussed with your salesperson.

Although we try to be as careful as possible when removing shoe mold and thresholds, they may break when removed.

It is impossible to work next to and against walls without some minor marks and scratches. New paint is especially vulnerable and we suggest that you keep some paint for touch up behind us.

When doors need to be removed, paint will be chipped at hinges. Due to thickness of your new flooring, your doors may need to be cut shorter. Wylie Carpet & Tile does not cut doors.

Shades of ceramic tile, and grout vary from each dye lot and each box. Tiles cannot be returned after they are installed. Please examine all tile before installation.

Granite is a natural stone and each slab may vary in color from current samples.

We will disconnect ice-makers, washers, dryers and stoves. We will reconnect stoves.

When removal of old floor is completed, problems may be present that were not visible before removal. Bad concrete or underlayment not suitable for new flooring may be present. If this happens, you will be notified before going forward with job as additional charges may be accrued.

We will not be responsible for damage to hidden wires or cords beneath floor covering.

We do not move water heaters, slate pool tables, water beds, grand piano, custom cabinets, safes, aquariums or items of highly technical nature. We do not take-­‐up vinyl or rubber back carpet when glued to wood floors.

We will not be responsible for problems that arise from underlayment installed by someone else. We will not be responsible for damage to vinyl due to improper glides on furniture. Also be aware that small high heels can cause damage to vinyl and wood flooring.

We hope this information will be helpful to you so we can provide you the very best flooring and service we offer.

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